Funding Notice


Open an E-Currency Account First, you have to open an E-Currency account with PERFECT MONAY or PAYPAL. Click on repective logo to continue creating an account.
Perfect Money Payment Processor Bitcoin Payment Processor Paypal Payment Processor
The above merchants are a 3rd party E-currency exchange. These are companies that take your real money and convert it into Electronic Currency (E-Currency). What you will do is take the money you want to deposit into Elite Gold Trade Inc and send it to an E-currency exchanger via a Bank wire, a Check, Western Union, or by credit card and even more ways. Here is an Example below EXAMPLE: So, let's say that you want to put $500 into Elite Gold Trade Inc You would go to an E-currency processor like Perfect Money and create an account. (Don't worry, opening an account is free.) After opening your E-currency account you would then deposit your $500 into your Perfect Money account by using either a bank wire, a check, Western union, or your credit card. (Remember that all E-currency exchangers have fees that they charge to receive and distribute your money. That is how they make they make their money. So, if putting $500 into your E-currency account you might need $510 etc. so that the end result you place into Elite Gold Trade Inc is $500. Just make sure you look at their fee schedule so that you will know what you will be paying in and out.) It usually takes 3-5 business days to get your E-currency account funded so relax for a few days. (Make SURE that with whatever E-currency account you sign up with that you place all your account user names and passwords in a safe place for future reference as you will need them later to transfer funds in and out of Elite Gold Trade Inc.) 

2. Registration

After opening and funding your E-Currency account you will then come back to the Elite Gold Trade Inc website and open your Elite Gold Trade Inc account. Click on the “Home†tab or here, on the Elite Gold Trade Inc website and then scroll down to the bottom. This is where you will place your E-currency account number in the registration form to open your account. Make sure you place your E-currency account number in the proper box of the exchanger you signed up for. There are only one for now and soon three more will become available so just look for yours and put it in the correct one or all of them if you have. Next you will create your account password. It can pretty much be anything you want. Just make sure that you put it in a safe place to remember it for future reference. Then you will type your password in again a second time to make sure it is correct. You are now signed up into Elite Gold Trade Inc!

3. Investing

Now you can Fund your Elite Gold Trade Inc account to start making some MONEY! This is very simple Just log into your Elite Gold Trade Inc account. Once you are in your account you can proceed to the invest section and make your selection in which fund you want to invest. Here you decide what amount you want to invest via your e-currency processor and move on to the next step. Once that is done hit the “Deposit†button. It will then automatically take you to your E-currency processor merchant area, so that you can login to your account to complete the transaction. Just follow the on-screen instructions within your E-currency account and you are done! Your Elite Gold Trade Inc account is now instantly funded and you will be able to see your funds in your Balance Sheet. Now you will start to earn. Welcome and enjoy the experience with Elite Gold Trade Inc.