Gold Bullion

Credit Suisse Gold Bullion

Credit Suisse gold bullion is instantly recognized and highly valued everywhere in the world, making it one of the most liquid assets you can own.

The Credit Suisse name is widely associated with financial security. The Bank of Switzerland, the flagship of the Credit Suisse Group, guarantees the purity and weight of every gold bar bearing the Credit Suisse mark.

Investment grade gold bullion bars.

Gold bullion is simply the raw material from which all gold products are made. After refining gold to at least 99.5% purity producers cast it into bars bearing their hallmark, fineness, serial number, and year of manufacture.

There are three critical characteristics to look for when you invest in gold bullion bars

a) Security

You need to be certain that the weight and fineness of the gold bullion are exactly as represented.

b) Liquidity

To maximize your returns you must be able to trade your assets at a moment's notice anywhere in the world.

c) Convenience

It is very important that you take physical possession of your gold, and the smaller gold bullion bars are more convenient to handle and safely store. They also make it possible to invest in smaller increments and liquidate only a portion of your total holdings.

No other producer can beat the consistent superiority of Credit Suisse gold bullion bars in each of those traits.

About premiums for gold bullion bars

Premiums are nothing more than dealers' retail markups, and they vary considerably depending on three things.

a) Cost

The starting point for setting the final price is what the dealer has to pay, and that depends on the volume of their business. Your neighborhood mom and pop store will pay more than twice the premium to their supplier than a company that has an established high volume trade.

b) Operational expenses

The cost of expensive TV ad campaigns, maintenance of brick and mortar stores, and every other dealer expense is paid by you, the consumer.

c) Profit

Every business deserves to make a fair profit, but many are out to make a quick buck on gold's bull run. Beware of inferior product, added fees, and hidden charges. When you add it all up one thing is clear: There is no better place to buy Credit Suisse gold bullion bars than Certified Gold Exchange