PCGS Certified Gold Coins

PCGS Certified Gold Coins

The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is the most popular third-party rare coin certification company. It has certified some of the most exclusive gold coins in existence. Since it's founding in 1986, through March 1, 2012 PCGS has certified over 23 million gold coins with a total market value of over $26.5 billion. PCGS has set the standard in rare gold coin certification for other coin grading services to emulate, although NGC comes close.

PCGS was conceived amid clamors from collectors and investors for a reliable method of grading rare gold coins. Before PCGS, grading was inaccurate, inconsistent, and subjective. There was great uncertainty on the part of the buyer and seller as to the true value of the certified coin in question.

With the creation of the Professional Coin Grading Service investors could finally rest assured that the grade they were paying for was the grade they received. Third party subjectivity was needed. PCGS standardization delivered this in what was previously considered one of the most lawless investment markets.

Each PCGS-certified gold coin comes sonically sealed and encapsulated in tamper-proof plastic with a bar code and serial number. The plastic capsule makes the coin secure and provides protection for long-term storage. Investors can also verify a particular coins authenticity through their online certification verification process.

All PCGS gold coins are not created equal. It's common now a day for savvy and possibly unethically marketers to certify modern day bullion coins. It's easy for these examples to achieve high grades because they have just come out of a mint and have never been in the public hands. However there is nothing rare about a coin with a high and current allotment. This is why the Certified Gold Exchange only recommends investors to purchase pre 1933 US coinage and avoid modern day PCGS coinage.

Elite Gold Trade inc specializes in a wide variety of PCGS certified gold coins. We will guide you through making intelligent investment decisions which generally includes coinage priced well below PCGS national average pricing guide quotations.